Looking for the correct pillow?



Please accept my apologies.

Yesterday, I was talking to my colleagues in the canteen during lunch time and one of them started talking about this very good pillow shop where a professional pillow fitter measured the curve of your neck, made you actually lie on a bed and helped you choose you the “correct pillow”.

I’m always suffering from a very bad headache that comes from Katakori (”stiff shoulders” in English but mine is more like “iron shoulders” (´Д`) and it doesn’t get well even if I sleep. So, I went to one of their stores in Shinjuku after work, seeked for the advice of the pillow fitter, and finally decided to buy “the” one that made me almost sink into the bed and melt.

But there was one problem. It was out of stock… They had to order it and have it to delivered from another shop.

I was so dissapointed (T-T)

So, here I am with the iron shoulders and a terrible headache again. They called me up saying it was ready, but I had to work till late today and the store was already closed. . .

I hope I can get it tomorrow. . . No, that’s not right. I WILL get it no matter what!

I will write again to report how it’s working(^_^)v



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