AEE Bonus 2/27 トランスクリプトその1

日本のリスナー向けに収録されたAll Ears Englishの Bonusエピソード「4 Ways to Pull Out Your Inner Confidence for Kizuna」の書き起こし原稿を特別に作成いたしました。LindsayとJessicaのワークショップに参加される方も、そうでない方も、参考にされてください。続きは明日アップします!



L: Japanese listeners! Are you ready to pull out that confident English speaker inside that you know you can be? Today, get the four things that you must have to bring out the  confidence and find out why our power method in immersion program in Tokyo will give you all of those.

Hey, Jessica. How’re you feeling?

J: I’m feeling fantastic! You guys, we are coming to Tokyo! Flights are booked, Airbnb is booked, it is all set.

L: It’s happening, guys! It is happening! It’s set in stone now. So, this is it, guys. We’re inviting you to join us for this power weekend in Tokyo. We’re gonna pull out your inner confidence that’s inside of you. So, before you go, listen today, go to allearsenglish/tokyo to check out what we’re talking about. But Jessica, what are we gonna  get into today? What are some fun little tips we’re gonna give our listeners to get ready for that weekend?

J:  Yes! So, guys! Today, we are talking about “confidence”! We’re gonna talk about how to activate that speaker, that English speaker, that confident person that’s already inside you. And it’s not just like the best English speaker. It’s the confident, it’s the most confident YOU! Right? It’s not just about language. It is, and it isn’t. So, we’re gonna talk about how to activate that best speaker that is inside of you right now and how to bring that out.

L: Exactly. And it’s possible that no one has ever shown you how to do this, guys. Right? Because traditional language schools are not designed for this, right? They’re designed to try to tell you you need to be someone else. But that’s not what we’re telling you. We’re telling you there’s already inside of you a confident person. It reminds of me a lot of what we studied actually, to bring out my practice again my meditation, we talked about this a lot, meditation, there’s already a peaceful person in there, that’s not anxious… that’s not like always fleeting around from one idea to the next. Right? Steady sense of inner peace. It’s already there. But society has added all these other layers on top of that that make you anxious, or nervous, or whatever, your moods swinging back and forth. But we can get to that inner person that’s there, through certain practices.

J: I feel like this is also connected to something we recently talked about on the show about how… like we’re focusing on your strength and don’t be convinced that you’re broken and you’re wrong and you’re a bad English speaker. So many students are just convinced of that. And that is tied to how we teach in the classroom. Like… the classroom isn’t there, the teachers aren’t there, the curriculum isn’t there, to work on your strength. It’s there to teach you what you don’t know. That’s the focus, right? Like… “You don’t know this. Here’s the vocab, here’s the grammar,… it’s very one directional. But guys, you’ve been through that process. You know these things. It’s not about that anymore. Now, it’s about accessing your strength to bring that knowledge out.

L: Oh, that’s so true! I love that. It’s so well put, Jessica. It’s so true and you’ve spent all your life in there. We said this in our last episode. You’ve spent your life getting to that point focusing on vocabulary, grammar, and it’s just a small step that you need to take now, to be able to use what you already know and turn it into connection, right? Confident connection.

J: So, guys, in our Tokyo event, we are focusing on these four things as well. The four things to bring out that strength. So guys, the first one is an immersive experience. I mean, that’s why people are coming to this thing, right? This is the immersion! The immersion in English that people are always looking for. What kind of immersive experience can we offer in Tokyo?

L: So, I’m thinking about immersive in terms of… well…number one, our first rule is English only. And this might be a little more challenging being in Japan. This was easy for us to tell our listeners here in the States, right? We were only speaking English ‘cause no one of us spoke the same language, right? But we wanna challenge you guys that English will be the language of the weekend, OK? That’s the first thing. But it’s not just about that. It’s also about the way that we do things in such an intense manner. Right? Things happen so quickly that essentially, you don’t have time. You’re asked to jump in communicating. You don’t actually have time to stand back and say “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna speak now. Now, it’s time for me to get nervous.” You don’t have time to do that.

J: That’s really one of the keys of our power method, guys. That is the pace for real. There is no time to be anxious. There is no time for that. That layer over your brain that prevents you from connecting. There’s no time to access that! Like, we are pulling you through these layers, through these things that are holding you back. We are literally like pulling you out of that because of the pace. It’s incredible. We’ve already said it’s tiring., right? We’re not gonna live. This is why! Because this challenging experience to push to your best self, to make that huge leap,  it can’t be done like an hour a day.

L: It’s so true, and we’ve seen this. And we know we can say this because we’ve seen the results from the last Summer because our students who came to Boston last Summer, you know, they felt nervous before they came, and then they came to the happy hour, and then,  from the happy hour onto the very weekend, they had no time to be nervous. Because they were so immersed.

J: Of course, we realize not everyone can come to New York and Boston, right? So that’s why we have developed this mini workshop, mini power method for you guys. This opportunity. I mean, even half a day. Right? That’s what we’re talking about here. Even a half a day to connect, to this experience, this pace, to experience this way of being in the world of pushing yourself. That is enough, that is enough of an experience to help you show your brain something different, right? Teach your brain a different way of being.