AEE Bonus 2/27 トランスクリプト3

L: And you know a common thread that I noticed from the students who came to the program in Boston, I had the chance to talk to a couple of them about… you know, I asked them “why did you decide to apply? Why did you decide to step up and do a program like this?”, similar to the Tokyo program, and they said that they were nervous and they were scared but they also felt that something that was calling from within. Right? And they heard a voice, they heard a voice that said things like “Look, this is for me, I can do it. I should push myself. You know, I have to do this. I have to step up and that’s part of high expectation of… following that expectation you have of yourself from within.

J: Exactly! Yes! The respect and the confidence. Right? Respect that intuition. Listen to that voice inside of you. Guys, if there is something inside of you as you’re listening to us, subscribe. There’s an amazing experience. If there’s this little jingling bell inside, this little feeling that’s like… maybe it causes you to catch your breath, you know, that’s this physical feeling that I’m imagining. That maybe as you’re listening, you feel this little jolt, this little electricity, this little piece of excitement that “Oh my gosh, this is possible. I can do this! I can experience this!” Then, listen to that, guys! Go to There are a few spots left. But they’re going fast, guys. So, go there now.

L: Exactly. And those are the first two things that you guys need to bring out that inner confidence. And there’s a third thing. Jessica, what is it?

J: Corrections. But at the right time. We also realize that the way students are comfortable learning because that’s how they’ve always been learning. Is that they need to be corrected sometimes. They want to be corrected by native speakers sometimes. And even though our focus is overall not on that, right?, our focus is on connection, we know that sometimes, sometimes, you do need some corrections. Sometimes you you do need some guidance. You’re using this word maybe not the right way, or what have you. So, there will be some activities in this session, that do focus on the technical parts of language. Specific phrases, certain sentence structures… That will be included. But the other times, of course, surrounding that, is focusing on using that language to connect. So we will focus on getting across some new information to you guys. Some new language, you guys. But then, you’re gonna test it out. But that is just free to use for the rest of the weekend. And we will ask you guys to trust us because we will be preparing and determining which activities are right for corrections and which ones are meant for connection, OK? So you will trust us to understand how to put you through this. Part of this is trusting your teachers, right? Trusting us that we can put you through this framework and and that you will come out with these results. If you do the program, you can go through in the way you have been asked to, right? That’s so important. Part of us kinda surrender to the process.

No, totally, guys. I mean, like we said, this is not anything you’ve experienced before or even had the chance to experience before. It is a completely revolutionary new way of learning. This system that we ‘ve developed, this power method, you guys. This did not exist before we made it! And we know it works! We’ve seen the transformation. So, yeah. We have high expectations of you, you have high expectations of the program, so that ttrust can just get you there.