AEE Bonus Episode 2/27 トランスクリプト2



L: And there’s so much science out now on how quickly our brains rewire, even… just in a matter of a few weeks or an intense weekend where you’re putting in many hours of doing this. You actually… I believe you can start to change the pathways in your brain  around English if you take what you get in this weekend with us and then you continue to move into that direction. I believe that this weekend will put you guys on the right path.

J: I mean… I’ve experienced this in my own life. Guys, you can change yourself! You know that! You know that this is possible. And it’s just pushing yourself. It’s reminding your brain it’s experiencing life from a different perspective. Right? That’s the key.

L: I love it! So that is the first of the four things that you guys need to bring out the inner confidence. So,  an immersive experience is No.1. So Jessica, what’s the second one then, that we need?

J: High expectations. This is key, you guys! You know that we have our IELTS course, right? And I work with students one on one there. And I have very high expectations of them! And we have high expectations of you. And you know what? You guys deserve to have high expectations of yourself. I think that’s so huge. It’s to have someone have confidence in you first. Right? We have confidence in you. We know what you are capable of. And we’re gonna show you how to do that. And, along with that confidence is respect. Like, we respect you guys as adults, as amazing people. And so, we can carry you through to that next level using these expectations.

L: Exactly. And part of that is also the expectation of a positive attitude. I think that’s one thing that makes our program so successful and trans-formative for the students who  join up. It’s that they come in to the program and they see that we let off a positive attitude and we set the tone for our students. Also, we’ll invite the type of student who attempts to apply for our programs also has that attitude. And when you put those two things together, put everyone in the room together, you get magic.

J: Oh, totally! It’s amazing, you guys. The group dynamic is incredible. OK? I mean, you hear us on the shows, know how much energy we have, and our positive vibes? That’s why you listen, it’s so strong that it comes through on our Podcast. Imagine in person! So that is… that is the environment. That is the necessary environment to have. This high expectations but surrounded with positivity all the time. Because that’s forward momentum. That’s how we keep moving forward, right? To improve. But another thing here, guys,  is the willingness to make mistakes. That’s letting go of the fear. Because that’s one of the layers that’s holding you back. Is that fear of making mistakes. Alright? So, when you’re surrounded with positive vibe, that fear goes away. And you’re willing to just dive in and just communicate because it’s connection, not perfection. That’s the key here.