Her English is just as good as a native speaker. I just assumed that she was born in America and moved to Japan later on. I was shocked when she told me that she’s never even been to America! No one is more qualified to teach English than her. She’s perfectly bilingual, and that helps a lot when teaching English. If you’re a total beginner, you have nothing to worry about. She’ll help you progress really fast. 


アメリカテキサス州出身 作家・英語講師 Desiree先生


Yukiko does a great job translating and speaking in English. She is able to keep a good conversation at a normal rate of speaking. I would recommend Yukiko to Japanese students because of her vast knowledge in English. She has a calm disposition allowing her to teach effectively.


フロリダ州在住 スクールカウンセラー Kristin先生


Yukiko Matsuzaki understands the four key elements of English instruction. As such, she strives to balance those modalities in her teaching, integrating listening, speaking, reading, and writing into her curriculum. Beyond that, she tailors her lessons to the specific needs of each student, taking the time and consideration to formulate a lesson series to best improve her student’s English ability.


Her dedication to her students is also shown via her flexibility. Many English conversation schools skew toward traditional pedagogy chained to a text and teach model, but Yukiko, is always working with her students’ needs in mind. She goes beyond the text and supplements existing material with her own pedagogical inspirations. She is consistently adapting to meet her students’ needs.


Equally important is Yukiko’s drive for professional development. She realizes that to be a competent and competitive instructor, her methodology cannot remain the same. She recently had her skills evaluated with the Cambridge CPE exam, an exam set at a native English speaking level. Her successful passing of the exam bespeaks her commitment to education. Yukiko also spends time attending publishing and teaching methodology seminars to keep adding to her scholastic repertoire. She improves her teaching to provide for her students.


Yukiko represents the rare intersection of commitment, precision, and talent in education. Her students should be counted as some of the luckiest to have found her school and attend her classes.


カリフォルニア州出身  Matthew先生

― ネイティヴスピーカーの推薦